There is rapid acceleration and change happening in the influencer marketing space, making it increasingly important for brands, agencies and creators to have access to the best tools, technologies and partners to succeed in this soon-to-be $15 billion industry.

On Thursday, May 20th, we joined a panel session along with expert digital and influencer marketing agencies within The Stagwell Group network, MMI Agency and ForwardPMX. Check out the session here:

More About the Event:

Koalifyed was developed as a true end-to-end solution that tackles some of the industry’s greatest challenges, including fraud, compliance and measuring ROI, while removing the biggest pain points associated with manual processes and communications.

Join Koalifyed, the latest, cutting edge technology to enter the influencer marketing space from The Stagwell Group and Stagwell Technologies. We’ll also dive into a discussion of how the influencer landscape has evolved over the last year, looking at partners’ new roles in helping brands achieve business growth.

More Session Details & Discussion Points:

• How influencer marketing technology like Koalifyed is evolving to meet the needs and challenges of all industry stakeholders, and how it helps build and enhance lasting partnerships.
• An overview of Koalifyed’s end-to-end platform key features, like SNIFF fraud detection, real-time negotiation, in-platform contracting, content collaboration and more. We’ll talk about how and why these solutions are making a difference in influencer marketing programs today.
• Why influencer marketing can no longer exist in a vacuum, and instead must be viewed as part of the omnichannel brand and performance strategy – plus agencies’ important role in viewing performance and strategy across channels.
• The role of strategic agency partners and best-in-class technology solutions to help brands be more successful in influencer marketing.
• All your questions answered – what challenges or trends are you seeing? We’ll bring our expert advice