On May 25th and 26th, the ANA will host its third annual Influencer Marketing Conference virtually, which will showcase creative campaigns across varying sectors and budgets. Koalifyed will join 500 marketing leaders and top influencer experts from major brands, agencies, and platforms to share the latest on measurement, innovation, new trends, and more.

Koalifyed Session:

Tuesday, May 25th at 3:20PM ET


Influencer marketing has seen an undeniable surge over the last 12 months, as people continue to crave engaging brand experiences and digital content that feels connected to their own lives. But a lot has also been said about the, still, untapped potential of influencer marketing, and how the industry needs to focus on turning mass attention into real intention – and this starts with trust and credibility. In this session, led by emerging influencer marketing platform, Koalifyed, and P&G Beauty Chief Communications Officer and industry thought leader, Kelly Vanasse, we’ll dig into how the right strategy, the right partnerships and the right technology that can elevate and strengthen relationships across all stakeholders can ultimately drive more intention and outcomes from influencer marketing.


Charles Hu, CTO & Partner, Koalifyed

Kelly Vanasse, CCO/SVP, P&G Beauty, Grooming & Health

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This article originally appeared in PR Week and Campaign.

The network says the platform allows users to quickly ink deals with influencers and weed out fraud.

Stagwell Technologies has developed the platform Koalifyed in collaboration with consumer marketing firm MMI Agency that it says offers a unified workspace focused on social media influencer campaigns. 

With brands expected to spend tens of billions of dollars on influencer marketing in the coming years, Stagwell Technologies CTO Charles Hu said the network saw an opportunity to double down on the trend. 

“The options available today simply have not evolved with the needs of our industry and its users,” said Hu.

The product allows brand marketers to identify popular and powerful influencers, draft and execute contracts with them and measure a campaign’s effectiveness, the holding company said. It starts with social media creators joining Koalifyed’s website to get discovered by brands.

Using commercialized government intelligence agency technology, the software identifies and weeds out fraud, with the holding company saying it detects 10 times more bots than competitive services. It also provides an authenticity score to rate online discussions. 

After a brand is ready to hire an influencer, Koalifyed’s secure online feature for contracts allows the review, edit and approval of documents. Stagwell said signing contracts happens five times faster than outside of the platform.

Brands can also obtain data on campaign performance and comply with government requirements, and creators can quickly give brands insights on campaign performance. 

“Brands are looking beyond follower counts to understand how engaged influencers’ audiences are and whether there’s an authentic fit with the creator,” Hu said. He added they want to see shared values, cultures and lifestyles.

Nearly 300 creators are using the platform, such as Houston lifestyle and fashion blogger Jordyn Rush.

Agency holding company Stagwell Group took a strategic investment in Toronto-based technology company Hubub in late 2016 to make it the backbone of Stagwell Technologies.

Stagwell and MDC Partners struck a deal to combine late last year. Former Burson-Marsteller CEO, Microsoft executive and Clinton adviser Mark Penn would be chairman and CEO of the merged network. 

Koalifyed, an influencer marketing platform for social-first brands, today announced the release of its end-to-end solution for modern influencer campaign management. Koalifyed enables brands to centrally manage all parts of the influencer ecosystem – from identification, contract management and creative execution, to payment and performance tracking. This model creates efficiencies and deeper collaboration between in-house marketing teams, agencies and creators to come together in one workspace.

The vision behind Koalifyed is what makes it different from other platforms in the marketplace – it is built to continuously evolve with the ever-changing influencer industry, providing more effective ways to strengthen relationships with creators, incorporate more transparent data and analytics, and ensure security and operational efficiencies are at the core. And no matter the campaign size, it’s designed to address critical issues like real fraud detection, ROI measurement and manual content reviews – with the end goal of more effective, results-driven content. This approach offers unique benefits:

With the end-to-end nature of the platform, Koalifyed can minimize the time historically spent on manual-intensive tasks, enabling brands to shift their focus to building stronger relationships with their influencer communities and driving more powerful content.

Koalifyed was developed by Stagwell Technologies in collaboration with leading consumer marketing agency MMI Agency.

“As new social platforms emerge and influencers take up a greater share of marketing budgets, we saw an opportunity to create an innovative solution that allows brands to gain efficiencies while showing the business value of influencer marketing,” said Charles Hu, Partner & CTO at Stagwell Technologies. “The options available today simply have not evolved with the needs of our industry and its users. Koalifyed facilitates and enhances the relationships between brand and creator, and it’s built to iterate, learn and grow with the changing needs of all stakeholders.”

Today there are nearly 300 active creators on the platform and that number is quickly growing. Active user and Houston Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger, Jordyn Rush said, “Having access to technology like Koalifyed isn’t just about making my everyday tasks as a creator faster and more seamless, it’s also about having access to opportunities that can become real business partnerships.”

“This space is growing and changing, and I see myself as an increasingly important marketing medium for brands. Like many others in the creator community, I take what I do very seriously, and the more that platforms like Koalifyed can help me start conversations with brands that recognize my expertise and my value, the better the ecosystem will be for all parties.”

Koalifyed is now available to all brands and offers solutions for influencer marketing budgets of all sizes. Creators can also sign up to join the Koalifyed creator database to get discovered by brands via Koalifyed’s website. To learn more, sign up to be a part of Koalifyed’s creator database or request a demo, visit https://www.koalifyed.com/.